New Ideas to Expand My Business

Since I started in real estate (2009) I have been with Keller Williams and at the same office, Keller Williams Realty Success. I would not even dream of being at another brokerage because of the support that this office has provided for me. The leadership team is always available to help when tough issues come up or with new ideas to expand my business. This office truly focuses on the agent and the teams that drive the office. I would not have been able to achieve the level of success I have attained if it were not for the amazing level of support and guidance I have received over the years at Keller Williams Realty Success.

— Zach Z

Double My Business Production

After getting licensed in 2014, I interviewed multiple brokerage offices, both large and small, and knew that Keller Williams Realty Success was the right choice for me the moment I walked in. The support and training I received has helped me double my business production each year. Anytime I have a question I can ask other agents in my office or the leadership team, which is something that I have come to realize doesn’t occur in many other companies. Being able to collaborate with fellow agents regarding marketing ideas, market challenges, new technology or even how to own and manage a business on any production level has been empowering and something that meets each person exactly where they are in their current business development.

— Brandie S

Make the Jump

When making the career jump into real estate I was faced with several decisions. One of the best most significant decisions I made was to join Keller Williams Realty Success. As a new agent, they provided the education, training, and support to set me and my business up for success. The office demonstrates all that Keller Williams stands for; integrity, communication and teamwork. [Our managing broker] and the leadership have set a culture that unites agents together to support, motivate and inspire one another. I believe the leadership has a vested interest in my success and have given me the tools and the confidence to grow a successful career in real estate.

— Kara G

Aim Higher

Nine months after getting my license and working in a different office, I came to KWRS to launch and grow my real estate team. In the first 12 months of coming to the market center, I closed $10M in volume as a solo agent and shifted my thinking from having a sales job to running a business. In my 2nd year at KWRS, I began hiring leverage, solidifying a scale-able structure, and still closed $18.5M in volume while taking a few steps back to build. In year 3, with great coaching and accountability, we did a lot of rearranging and closed $27.5M in volume. Now in my fourth year with the company, I’m on track to hit our $50M volume goal and am being empowered to attract top talent that will multiply our growth for years. Early on I was encouraged to seek out people who think bigger and do greater than me, and within KW, as I grow, there are always bigger fish in the pond for me to learn from. From day 1, all I’ve done is show up and do what I’m taught to do. This company has not only helped me think substantially bigger and aim much higher than I would have on my own, they’ve actually given me the roadmap and the tools to get there. There’s no reason why anyone who is teachable and willing to work couldn’t do huge things within KWRS.

— Dave U

Bigger Vision

I can’t imagine having the success I have had at any other brokerage. Keller Williams Realty Success gave me not just training and support, but a bigger vision and dream for my business and life than I ever thought possible. I joined Keller Williams in September of 2015 like most other agents, just trying to make this a full-time gig. I was still working part-time at the time and by March of 2016, I was ready to go full-time. There was nothing special about me or my business besides the fact that Keller Williams insured I had a smart plan and clear path in place and the training and accountability to get there. I was fortunate to do Over $10 million in volume and over 35 deals in my first year as a real estate agent, for the first time in my life I brought home a six-figure income! I am now in my second full year with KWRS and have caught the KW big for growing a team. I have 9 agents plus a full-time director of operations and we are pacing to do $40 million in sales volume and over $1 million in gross revenue this year, our second full year. What other brokerage makes this not only possible but makes it this easy?

— Tyler S