What You Focus On Expands

Testimonial Tuesday 5/22/18

By Keller Williams Realty Success May 22, 2018

"Nine months after getting my license and working in a different office, I came to KWRS to launch and grow my real estate team. In the first 12 months of coming to the market center, I closed $10M in volume as a solo agent and shifted my thinking from having a sales job to running a business. In my 2nd year at KWRS, I began hiring leverage, solidifying a scale-able structure, and still closed $18.5M in volume while taking a few steps back to build. In year 3, with great coaching and accountability, we did a lot of rearranging and closed $27.5M in volume. Now in my fourth year with the company, I'm on track to hit our $50M volume goal, and am being empowered to attract top talent that will multiply our growth for years. Early on I was encouraged to seek out people who think bigger and do greater than me, and within KW, as I grow, there are always bigger fish in the pond for me to learn from. From day 1, all I've done is show up and do what I'm taught to do. This company has not only helped me think substantially bigger and aim much higher than I would have on my own, they've actually given me the roadmap and the tools to get there. There's no reason why anyone who is teachable and willing to work couldn't do huge things within KWRS."
Dave U.
Mega Agent